How do you use Job Titles in your company? Job Titles get more and more important for employees to describe what they do. The second someone gets a job, the title snaps on them like a man-trap. The charming girl is no longer "doing a bit of modelling and going to be a writer". She is an Acting Deputy Production Editor (Online). The chap with big shoulders is no longer a mountaineering, guitar-playing, rugby-winning one-man Renaissance, he is simply "Actuary".

Some people take titles very seriously, of course. This is because modern employment splits into two types: jobs you can explain to an eight-year-old, and jobs you can't. Doctor, fireman, soldier, lawyer, butcher, builder, footballer: easy. Junior Digital Marketing Strategist (Social): baffling.

So, how to search in this world of baffling job titles. Yes, you guessed right: Use multiple Job titles in our search. 

People use so many different job titles, so use our list and multiple Job Titles to expand the search. 

In addition to the Job Titles, you can play around with the Seniority, that is used widely to describe better the positions in companies.

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